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WoDEF 2024

WoDEF - World Day for the End of Fishing calls for the abolition of fishing and aquaculture farms. Fishes, crustaceans and cephalopods are at the heart of WoDEF's concerns, since they constitute the biggest proportion of animals killed by humans, amounting to thousands of billions of victims each year.
Launched in 2017 in Switzerland, WoDEF is now used by organizations all around the world to raise awareness about aquatic life, among the public as well as within other animal rights organizations. Read WoDEF's demands in detail.

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2022 Edition

In 2022, World Day for the End of Fishing proposed to organize actions focusing on crustaceans and actions targeting cephalopod farms which are currently emerging in some countries.

152 actions were carried out by 125 organizations in 31 countries! This is a new record of participation!

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2022 Edition: list of actions


Online | 26.03 Cyberaction by Verein Gegen Tierfabriken


Amiens | 26.03 Protest by 269Life France
Angers | 26.03 Protest by 269Life France
Lille | 26.03 Exhibition by L214
Montpellier | 26.03 Protest by Alliance Ethique
Montreuil | 26.03 Talk by Ness Salhi
Rennes | 26.03 Protest by L214 | 26.03 Antispeciesist poster collage by Sentience Rennes
Saint Nazaire | 27.03 Protest by 269Life France
Saint Tropez | 26.03 Protest by L214
Saint-Étienne | 26.03 Leafletting by Collectif pour l'Égalité
Strasbourg | 26.03 Protest by 269Life France | 26.03 Info booth by Parti Animaliste


Madrid | 26.03 Protest by Fundación Alma Animal


Online | 21.03 Talk by Vissenbelangen
Utrecht | 26.03 Protest by Stichting Bite Back


Jodhpur | 25.03 Vigil by Jodhpur Animal Save


Tel Aviv | 26.03 Protest by Israel Animal Save


Kuantan | 27.03 Vigil by Kuantan Animal Save

Nowa Zelandia

Online | 26.03 Video by Whanganui Animal Save


Online | 26.03 Cyberaction by Animal

Republika Południowej Afryki

Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki

Fort Lauderdale | 26.03 Protest by PETA
Los Angeles | 26.03 Protest by Animal Alliance Network
Santa Fe | 26.03 Protest by Santa Fe Animal Save


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