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WoDEF 2024

WoDEF - World Day for the End of Fishing calls for the abolition of fishing and aquaculture farms. Fishes, crustaceans and cephalopods are at the heart of WoDEF's concerns, since they constitute the biggest proportion of animals killed by humans, amounting to thousands of billions of victims each year.
Launched in 2017 in Switzerland, WoDEF is now used by organizations all around the world to raise awareness about aquatic life, among the public as well as within other animal rights organizations. Read the WoDEF's demands in detail.
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Edmonton, Alberta | 31.03 Protest by DXE Edmonton
Montreal, Quebec | 26.03 Info booth by S.A.V.E
Toronto, Ontario | 31.03 Happening by Keliveganforanimals
Winnipeg, Manitoba | 30.03 Outreach by Manitoba Animal SaveBrandon Animal Save

Corea del Sud


Tampere | 30.03 Protest by Eläinoikeuspuolue


Düsseldorf | 30.03 Protest by PETA Streetteam Düsseldorf
Göttingen | 30.03 Info booth by ARIWA Göttingen
Hanover | 30.03 Protest by ARIWA Hannover
Kaiserslautern | 06.04 Protest by PETA Streetteam Kaiserslautern
Koblenz | 30.03 Protest by ARIWA Koblenz
Nuremberg | 30.03 Protest by ARIWA Nürnberg
Online | 07.03 Article by PETA Deutschland
Saarbrücken | 30.03 Protest by PETA Streetteam Saarbrücken
Stuttgart | 30.03 Protest by PETA Streetteam Stuttgart


Auroville | 30.03 Vigil by Auroville Animal Save
Lucknow | 30.03 Vigil by Lucknow Animal Save
Mumbai | 30.03 Outreach by Mumbai Animal Save
Online | 30.03 Reels by Kolkata Animal Save
Sasaram | 30.03 Vigil by Sasaram Animal Save
Thane | 30.03 Outreach by Thane Animal Save


Online | 04.04 Video by Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ)
Yogyakarta | 01.04 Leafletting by Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ)


Guadalajara | 28.03 Info booth by Animales y Praxis
Mexico City | 30.03 Collage by Red Veganas Antiespecistas
Online | 30.03 by Brigada Animal México | 30.03 Radio broadcast by Todos Somos Animales

Paesi Bassi

Utrecht | 30.03 Protest by Bite Back NL


Coimbra | 16.03 Protest by Coimbra Animal Save

Regno Unito

Manchester | 30.03 Protest by International Vegetarian Union


Dénia | 30.03 Happening by Dénia Animal Save
La Palma | 30.03 Leafletting by Vegan Point
Madrid | 31.03 Protest by Madrid Animal Save
Valencia | 30.03 Protest by Valencia Animal Save

Stati Uniti d'America

Alhambra, California | 29.03 Protest by Animal Alliance NetworkLos Angeles Fish Save
Boulder, Colorado | 30.03 Protest by PETA
Dallas, Texas | 30.03 Outreach by DFW Animal Advocates
East Peoria, Illinois | 30.03 Protest by Peoria Area Voices for Animals
Eatonville, Florida | 30.03 Video projection by Animal Rights Foundation of Florida
Las Vegas, Nevada | 30.03 Illuminated message by Volunteers
Norfolk, Virginia | 30.03 Protest by PETA
Pompano Beach, Florida | 30.03 Protest by Sarasota Vegan Society
Shrewsbury, Missouri | 30.03 Info booth by Project Animal Freedom
Siesta Key, Florida | 30.03 Outreach by Sarasota Vegan Society
Virginia Beach, Virginia | 30.03 Protest by PETA

2023 Edition

In 2023, 102 actions were carried out by 79 organizations in 24 countries.

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