Taking part in the campaign

Every individual, every organization is invited to take part in the World Day for the End of Fishing and FIsh Farming by organizing events - online too!.

Take action

  • Organize protests and other mediatized public events (activist happenings, conferences, exhibitions, publications, leafleting, information tables, etc.)
  • Contribute to the campaign by creating an artwork about the “aquatic question” whether you are a singer, musician, sculptor, graphic designer, drawing artist, painter, video maker, choreographer, dancer, cook, youtuber, actor, standup comic, etc.
  • Search and share articles and videos in order for the subject to reach social media
  • Publicize the campaign (on social media, in vegetarian, vegan, animal rights and environmentalist communities)
  • Help us financially : La Question aquatique association deals with the campaign (creating the website, producing activist media like leaflets and exhibitions, and contacting other associations). Any financial help is useful.
  • Invest time in the campaign: spreading the word on social media, helping us in translations, office work, etc. All volunteer work is welcome!


Announce an action!


5 tips for WoDEF participants

Images are crucial

Take pictures of your event, however simple it is. Yes, even if there are only 2 of you! You may reach a few people in the street or at your event, but thanks to your pictures we can spread the word to hundreds or even thousands of people and inspire lots of new activists to join the movement. Make sure you have a good camera or, even better, a professional photographer/videographer. Show the setting of your event – posters, banners, costumes: all aspects of it are interesting! And don’t forget to send your best footage and images to info@end-of-fishing.org after your event so we can add them to our albums and posts.

Words matter

Although the media sometimes mention "animal-rights activists" the notion of speciesism, sentience, feelings are still largely unknown. And some terms need to be redefine as "Marin Animals" which should be "Aquatic Animals" and "Fish Farm" which should be "Aquaculture Farms". Make sure to use thoses terms widely on your flyers, posters, banners, etc. along with the expression "World Day for the End of Fishing", all in your own language.

Help us to spread the word about WoDEF by using the hashtag #EndFishing on social networks.

Publicize your event

Don't forget to advertise your event widely: in the mainstream media, in specialized animal-rights and vegan media and on social networks. Actions are important in themselves but the information underlying them is also a way of getting ideas across and publicizing issues.

Send out press releases

Social media spread ideas widely but other types of publicity (newspapers, online media, TV, radio etc.) can reach even more people and give credibility to your actions and ideas. You can find a draft press release there. Ask us if you need help to write and send a press release, both before and after your event. Send us a copy of your press release and also cuttings and links to media coverage of your event.

Keep in touch

Although there are only a few of us volunteers working for international WoDEF, we love hearing from you! It is vital that we know what you are planning, have a link to your event and website, know how your event is going and know how we can help you. Afterwards remember to send us a brief account of what you did and how the public reacted.

Contact us : info[at]end-of-fishing.org